We at Qedo have an extensive range of Cafeteria and Lounging furniture to suit most needs within the Hospitality and Leisure industry.

Looking for Indoor, Outdoor, Poolside, or Office furniture, we have it all!

Talk to our experts. Touch and feel the products. Talk about comfort zone or ultra-luxurious looks, At QEDO we will match all your requirements. Our products offer exciting, unique and eclectic range of beautifully assembled modern day furniture at prices to match our client’s budget.

Qedo has presented and showcased its products in many parts of India and the World. Each day we look forward to add further more accreditations to our work. We have been honored with ‘The Best Product Category’ and ‘The Best Stall Design’ at our last exhibit (2018) hosted in Kerala, India. Our entire Qedo team will be honored by your presence at our upcoming showcases.

Our latest exhibition (2018) held in Kerala